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Danny Romero

My dream is to inspire creativity. Everything I’ve ever worked on has been in the pursuit of cultivating creativity in others. If someone ever responds with "...I read Example Title by Daniel Romero..." when asked why they worked on a particular project, I will have accomplished more than I could ever imagine.

I Consider Myself a:

  • Writer
    I write constantly; it's what I'm passionate about. This is the core of who I am and who I will always strive to be.
  • Computer Geek
    I am an extremely avid gamer in general, but my first love was PC games. Because that wasn't enough, I decided to attend SAIT to gain a deeper knowledge of Computer Systems.
  • Traveller
    I love experiencing new cultures. I was lucky enough as a kid to travel all over the world; I will always leap at an opportunity to see something new.

A Few Accomplishments

Danny Romero is a writer who dreams of becoming an author. His resume has almost nothing to do with writing and only a little to do with technology but it does emphasize his ability to work under pressure. An avid gamer, he has played on just about every console to be released and is absolutely in love with tabletop games. Calgary, Alberta will always be where he was born, but it is also where he currently lives.

Danny has a diploma from SAIT in Computer Systems. He is currently: learning Python, blogging, and working on a number of writing projects. His focus right now is in fantasy; however, he does dabble in a few other fiction genres and video game world-building concepts.

Nicodemous is his Gamertag, to anyone who might have met his online persona. One of Danny's most inspirational authors is Jim Butcher. As a Canadian, he decided to take one of the best characters from the series The Dresden Files, and misspell his name.

Graduated SAIT with a Computer Systems Diploma

Two years and a few new friends later, I am proud to have graduated SAIT's Information and Communications Technology with a Major in Computer Systems.

The first year taught me how enjoyable programming is, and how much I would value having a dedicated Networking team in my corner.

Crafting Narratives

I've offered my writing services freelance, and applied to write for various video game companies. Every day is a learning experience on how to better pursue my passion.

For examples of my freelance work, and to view my rates, please visit my Freelance Page

Contact Me

If you have any questions about the content on this site I encourage you to take a quick look at my Permissions page. If that has nothing to do with your questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.