Daniel Romero Logo by Kevin Halge: It is a skull wearing a crown that has fused to its head and the eyes are the initials D and R. The skull is grey while the eyes are purple.

Freelance Writing

Interested in hiring me for some freelance writing?

My rates are extremely flexible, but the following table outlines the starting point for negotiations.

Project Type Fee Per Project Fee Per Word/Per Hour
Website Article $10-$50 $0.04/$20
Novels, Books, Video Game Content $75 per page $0.10/$50
Magazine/News Articles Varies Greatly Varies Greatly

Some Samples of My Work

I've written a number of pieces for clients, everything linked was done so with permission from the copywrite owner.

In some cases my name will appear as writer, in others it won't.

One of My First Articles

A friend from school put me in contact with this client, and we've had a fantastic working relationship since. I'm really proud of this particular article.

Another Article on League of Legends

This was a fun one because I actually used the advice in the article during the various Clash tournaments since publishing.

And Just for a Change of Pace, A Different LoL Article

I've gotten into many debates with friends over this one; the definition of sports is fluid, to say the least.