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About Me and My Team

Danny Romero doesn't have a team of professionals just yet, one day this section will crow about those who championed his work; an editor, agent, beta-readers, critique partners, etc. For now, please enjoy these profiles of his favourite characters from his as yet unpublished novels.

The Orphan Queen
One of the main characters of The Forgotten Ones

"We prey on weakness and make money on misery. I do not wish to be known as a doer of good deeds. We fight against this edifice of flesh and corruption because it suits us; because the few good souls in service to the beast are a hindrance."

A theoretical cover for the first novel in the Forgotten Ones series The Orphan Queen grew into a monster. She sure as hell didn’t want to become one. But in a city as corrupt and violent as Calypon, the forgotten children desperately need her to guide and defend them. You can’t do that as an ordinary teenaged girl.

Numerous gangs are poised to gobble her family up, and an insidious threat from the nobles of the city has reared its head. Once more, she must hope she can maneuver her enemies into overreaching. Once more, she must pray she’s smart enough to win the day; or, at the very least, survive.

The Queen is a master strategist, despite her age, and her daring plans are the key to the wealth she and her Own command. Backed by two lieutenants, Mourn and Booker, both tacticians of the highest calibre, the Queen's Own is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. The trio of friends face off against a city of corruption and deceit; fighting simply for a safe place to sleep for the night, forget about their lives.

If you enjoy tales of danger, friendship, and intrigue The Forgotten Ones will be a series for you.


The Queen is quite young. Approximately 17 years old, she has incredibly pale skin and her hair is the blue-black of a raven's feathers. Think Violet from the Incredibles. She ties her hair back with a simple leather thong and wears a cloak wrapped around her, a faded black affair with the hood always down. A stylized crown catches the cloak at her neck and her piercing blue eyes are always searching for threats.

She has a smile to light the world, but it is a very rare thing.

The Queen and her Own live in a grim high fantasy world. In the eyes of their city, they are insignificant, downtrodden creatures. Despite her pride, her's is a world of dark, twisted alleyways and darker deeds done to more twisted monsters.

Concept art by the fantastic Jackie Felix

Cody and David
Protaganist of the Head Hunter Saga

"Don't look at me like that OK? It's not my job to enforce the 'laws' of physics; it’s my job to protect great gaping morons like yourselves from things that would treat you like a very expensive chocolate."

A royalty free place holder of a possessed priest until I pay someone for some cover art An ex-priest, a spirit, and a messenger walk into a bar to meet with a fae.
It sounds like the opening to a good joke, but for Father David and Cody, the punchline could cost them their lives.

When Cody possessed Father David (it’s a long story; he’s fine; don’t worry about it) he’d just been looking for a place to hide. That was years ago.

Now the unlikely duo make their way as paranormal investigators; helping individuals who live on both sides of the spooky street, and desperately trying not to pull too much attention from the sides of Good and Evil alike. As an amoral body swapping daemon who can inhabit a person's consciousness, or take it over completely, Cody isn't well liked by either faction of the War. Father David's an ex-priest, as well as being ex-military, and wears his bias on his sleeve. But Cody is the one in control of their body, even if the good Father is allowed to take it for a joy-ride every once in a while.

In the Head Hunter series, Cody and David face off against the Lords of the Circles of Hell, minor minions of Good as well as Evil, and the day to day headaches of stupidity, greed; and let's be honest, their own muleheadedness.


Father David is a medium sized white male. He has short dirty blond hair, buzzed at the sized and slightly spiked on top. His eyes were blue but since Cody took up residence in his head, they've changed to brown with deep golden-yellow flecks. Clothed in simple jeans, a white t-shirt and sneakers, the duo are generally armed with a pistol in a shoulder rig, and a slightly curved piece of bone, approximately eight inches long. Whenever they go out in public, their outer wear is almost always a dark grey overcoat. Their world is very similar to ours, if infused with a touch more magic, and an air of apocalypse waiting around the bend.

Xylsvau Dofhwb
Protaganist of The Difference Between a Murderer and an Assassin is Branding

“You’re praying at the altar of Almighty Gives a Shit, but I’m sorry to say, god is dead.”

A royalty free place holder of a Fondix assassin until I pay someone for some cover art Xyl is a Fondix assassin travelling through the Verse aboard his plane shift The Last Word. A manic curiosity infuses his actions, driving him to understand every one of his targets intimately. Every new dimension discovered adds a unique voice to the Verse, and Xyl delights in learning about new species.

That being said, he’s also been in the contract killing business for longer than just about any other lifeform, and he’s deadly with his dual blasters and pistols (Fondix have four arms, good luck beating Xyl in a straight fight).

The Difference is a found family novel about humanity and how badly societal pressure destroys the unique, teaching kids to conform. It also has sarcasm straining to become wit, LGBTQ+ crew/family members, and an interdimensional man-hunt.


Fondix are bipedal insectoids from D-123-C (Hive). They can only sleep comfortablly in anti-grav fields, and have an intricite system of angles with which to bow to others. A Fondix smiles by flicking its antenae forward. They have vestigal wings, and most are unwilling to leave Hive ever since Zero Zero destroyed their moon.