7 April 2020

Pursuing a Literary Agent

Time to document my day to day.

So, been a long time since I've considered writing on my blog. To be fair, a very large portion of that is because I've been focused on actually finishing one of my numerous WIPs. I am very proud to say that in that vein, mission accomplished!

As of March 25th, my first draft of my first novel is done. 107,028 words, 44 chapters, and too many days to really think about. And if I never get published, I will count it as one of my proudest accomplishments.
That being said, getting published would be one step closer to my dream. So today, as part of that goal, I have taken my first stab at a synopsis, and a query letter.
I did my due diligence, first finding agents who might be interested in what I've got to sell, then finding who among those are looking for unsoliceted queries. After that, I'll be honest, I looked at their profiles and picked who had taste in books similar to my own.

I'm going to polish both for a bit, but by the end of the week, I plan to have a submission sent out. Fingers crossed!
And it goes without saying, but I hope everyone is staying healthy during this pandemic.