21 August 2020

Starting a New Project

Cleansing my palate with a new book idea and I also lucked out into a Query Critique.

This week was really awesome for me.

On Monday I was informed that I won a random draw held by Pitch Wars in anticipation of the coming mentor wish list publication. Not only will my query for The Orphan Queen be critiqued, but so will the first page!

So the week started strong, but it kept going well for me. While I was trying to think of a new project to turn to when I need a break from editing, I came up with A Deadly Kind of Succor, my YA (maybe NA) Noir Fantasy.

Think Urban Fantasy that got dipped in shades of grey and ends with a bleak assessment of how nothing matters and everyone dies. It has been insanely fun to write, so far. The first chapter will be up on my Project page sooner or later, I’m just buffing it up and testing first impressions with my beta readers.

Keep moving forward, guys! Even if it’s one step, even if it’s a slight shuffle. Any progress is good progress!