8 August 2017

Godsgrave - Jay Kristoff Continues to Intrigue

Something Something Synopsis

Jay Kristoff's sequel to Nevernight is everything I've come to expect from him. Mia Corvere has successfully become a Blade of the Red Church and is just as passionate about assassinating the men responsible for her families death as ever.

A startling revelation forces Mia to adopt a circuitous path on the road of revenge and along the way she will encounter a slew of interesting characters; along with some old friends. The tale, told at first through various time jumps, reveals Mia's plan to defy various organizations that would rather she didn't slit two very specific throats. As the story begins to take on a more linear bent, Mia will discover a number of surprises, the biggest of which is a heart she thought she'd buried.

Mia's world is filled with blood and violence, and the people she meets along the way speak the same language; the action sets the pace for a good portion of the book. The relentless, brutal world is balanced by the wit and sarcasm Jay weaves throughout the narrative; the footnotes he adds, similar to his previous trilogy The Lotus Wars, is exactly my kind of humour. With just the right touch of romance, Godsgrave kept me turning pages until I'd finished it in one sitting.

The turns are unexpected, the laughs are placed just right, and the action gets your blood pumping; what more could you ask for from a sequel?

As always, I find myself torn between having enjoyed myself immensely and being miffed that I'll have to wait so long to find out what happens next.